The Content of Character Series™

Join Us For The Content of Character Series Summit on June 29th

Join Us For The Content of Character Series Summit on June 29th

Helps UNITE Us

Content of Character Series Comes to Los Angeles

Don’t miss this life-changing event!

The Content of Character Series continues to attract people to a powerful and informative summit that features several host pasors from the Los Angeles area and 9 guest speakers to discuss a variety of cultural topics that will inspire those in attendance.

Here’s the promotional flyer:

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Don’t miss this 1 day event at the International Pentecostal Church in Bellflower, CA on March 30, 2019.

The Content of Character Series™ Comes to San Diego, CA

Don't miss this life-changing event on June 23, 2018. The COCS San Diego 2018 Summit features a host of local pastors and nationally recognized speakers that will discuss a variety of cultural issues that face America in today's challenging times.

We are calling all like-minded, biblically-grounded Christian leaders – business, civic, clergy, organizations, intercessors, school administrators, parents, and laity. Dig deep into black history in America, social justice, and the cultural-information campaign designed to disrupt our Judeo-Christian values. Nationally recognized leaders from around the country are coming together to enlighten and broaden our perspectives. Our mission is to build partnerships in your local area that could ultimately forever change our God-given United States of America. This is your opportunity to take a stand and be part of something bigger than what any one of us can do alone.

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Please join us for this incredible one day experience. For more information on tickets and sponsoring the event, please click on the link below:

COCS Omaha 2018 Inspires Nebraskans

Jonathan Alexandre Speaks at COCS Omaha 2018

Jonathan Alexandre Speaks at COCS Omaha 2018

On a beautiful winter day in Omaha, Nebraska, people gathered for an anticipated event that would address the many issues that face our nation in today's culture. The Content of Character Series™ featured a group of dynamic speakers from across the nation discussing the critical issues that we face with Religious Liberties, Cultural Diversity and Historical Facts that excited a large crowd of Nebraskans who responded with an enthusiastic applause and many sharing their testimonials at the event.

With the support of Nebraskans for Founders Values (NFFV) and many local sponsors, the community responded with an enthusiastic support for the speakers and content discussed at the summit. We would like to personally thank our partners, sponsors and all of the event attendees for a memorable day that will be treasured for years to come.

We welcome your comments from the attendees at the Omaha Event and encourage you to post these for others to read and share.

May God continue to bless the people who share this heart and vision.