Dr. Marshall Foster

Dr. Marshall Foster

In 1976, Dr. Marshall Foster founded the World History Institute, a nonprofit educational foundation, to teach the biblical and historical foundations of liberty. The World History Institute (formerly the Mayflower Institute) has become a major force in the movement to restore our nation to its Judeo-Christian heritage. The Institute has reached millions with America’s “untold heritage.”

Dr. Foster has trained tens of thousands through live seminars in 40 states, Canada, and Europe. He has been the co-host of a weekly syndicated radio broadcast entitled "The Story of Liberty" which has reached hundreds of thousands of Americans. Dr. Foster is in constant demand as a keynote speaker at numerous conventions, schools, churches, retreats and political and business groups. He speaks to audiences as large as 20,000 at business conventions and religious gatherings concerning our heritage. He has been a keynote speaker for Promise Keepers, Coral Ridge Ministries, Vision Forum Ministries, Reclaiming America, Christian Coalition, ACSI Christian School Conventions, Worldview Weekends and many more. He has trained the national staff of Campus Crusade for Christ, the Christian Broadcasting Network, the National Day of Prayer, James Robison Ministries, and over 100,000 business associates of Amway Corporation and Boeing Aircraft, among many others.

The World History Institute has produced numerous educational seminars. His 12 part DVD series entitle Terror to Triumph covers the growth and impact of Christianity over the past 2,000 years. This series and it's question and answer guide is being used in churches, schools and home Bible studies throughout the country. Dr. Foster produced numerous DVD's and CD's that are available here on the website including a four hour DVD series called Hope Four Our Time. Marshall's syndicated monthly journal is read by thousand each month and is available on our website for free.

Since 1988, Marshall has led tours of America’s historic East Coast with American Christian Tours. He is now the Director of Christian Education with ACTS, training tour guides to lead over 10,000 students and families each year on the trip of a lifetime. He personally leads annual tours of the historic East Coast and Europe.

Marshall, in collaboration with actor Kirk Cameron, was co-producer for the film, Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure, which was released in theaters nationwide in March 2012. The basis of the film revolves around the National Monument to the Forefathers in Plymouth. The film traces the heroic and harrowing travels of the early Pilgrims and encounters the unlikely men and women who risked everything for liberty. Marshall was the co-producer of Kirk Cameron's film Unstoppable in 2013 and continues to work on producing popular films and documentaries.

Marshall has authored three books. His best-selling book, "The American Covenant, the Untold Story", has become an effective training tool in Bible studies, classrooms, and study groups nationwide. The American Covenant book and accompanying documentary have had a deep and lasting impact upon the grass-roots movement to restore our nation. The documentary, narrated by Marshall Foster, has aired on numerous TV programs, and has been viewed in thousands of homes, churches, schools, and study groups.

Marshall is a 1967 graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara. His graduate studies were accomplished at Talbot Theological Seminary, Christian Associates Seminary, with doctoral studies completed at the California Graduate School of Theology and Cathedral Bible College. He was ordained in 1973 and earned a Doctorate of Divinity degree from Cathedral Bible College. He and his wife, Trish, have two grown children and seven grandchildren. They currently reside in Southern California.have 5 children and 2 grandchildren.