The Challenges of Black American Culture

Targeting The Poor: The Purpose, The Plan

Pastor Stephen Broden discussed the deliberate strategy to radically change America through the organization of power by manipulating the poor. Moral decline has become a major challenge in our struggle for freedom leading to cultural hedonism, community disorganization and an attempt to drive our nation on the brink of socialism and communism. 


  • A deliberate strategy to radically change America
  • Organizing for power
  • Manipulating the poor
  • Moral decline
  • Cultural Hedonism
  • Community disorganization
  • Impact of Socialism

History of America's Civil Rights Movement


Walter Hoye II and Kevin McGary discuss American history in black and white to understand where we are today. They share the story of Heroes of the Faith and their contributions to the the civil rights movement. The shifts in Black America have distorted the historical significance of our quest for freedom in this great nation.


  • American history in black and white
  • Understanding where we are today
  • Heroes of the faith
  • Shift in perception
  • The history of civil rights
  • Black America shifts
  • Who is the KKK?

Great Books of Interest

Challenging Videos for Today's Culture

Radio Broadcasts

Lion Chasers with Lonnie Poindexter is an in depth look at the effects of liberal ideology on the African American community. Our aim is to replace long-held lies and deception with sound Biblical principles that point our community back to a moral and free society. Rebuilding our foundation with Biblical principles and unwavering truth is essential if we hope to produce a prosperous community and strong families. Join us in this challenge!

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CL Bryant

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