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The Content of Character Series


"You are addressing the most pressing issue of our time - getting more people to put the God of the Bible back into their lives and the public square, letting Biblical principles drive our governance as well as our private lives."

"This was the most moving, inspiring, and educational events I had ever attended. These nationally regarded speakers today delivered the word of God in a broad range of categories that apply not only to Black families, but family all over this country. I'm thankful to my company ... for being a proud sponsor of the event."

"This (Summit) has been an exciting and interesting experience for me. The state of bravery of some of the speakers against what otherwise might not be popular in Black or Hispanic or any other community has been really impressive to me. I certainly recommend to anyone to attend one of the upcoming Summits."

"This has been just a marvelous day in our city; a day that was needed in our city..."

"I do recommend this event. It's been very stirring, very thought-provoking."

"I've learned a lot, a lot of things that I wasn't aware of. I would recommend this to a lot of people my age - even younger, to our teenagers. It was a big breakthrough for me."

"Congratulations on an amazing successful and enriching event! I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much!" - A. Saeed

"We enjoyed it very much! Powerful speakers. It is so refreshing to be surrounded with politically and spiritually like-minded people. My hope is that this message reaches more people". - J. Naegeli

"I was blown away by this eye-opening and inspiring event." - J. Punaro

"Simply put: God is with you! Jesus is smiling. Thank you for the incredible opportunity to be in the company of so many esteemed speakers and guests, all men and women of Christ. Get some rest and I hope to be able to help you in the future. (Also, Dean is one lucky man and a Rockstar!) Joyfully in Christ." - S. Hardison

"It was marvelous. It was a happening!" - J. Tapscott

"I had the privilege of attending the Content of Character series in San Diego last weekend. The distinguished line up of speakers were outstanding. Every one of them (without exception) respectfully provided the audience substantive, (though at times uncomfortable) information on critical topics facing Christians and African Americans in this country. Messages in my opinion were delivered with conviction while gracefully leaving the results to God. When the event was over, I told my African American friend that it felt like God had just "interrupted" my life. It was an incredibly profound experience. I likened the experience to the life "interruption" I experienced when I first heard the message of salvation and I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. A life interrupted... and changed...all because of a message heard. The word of God tells us in Hebrews 2:3... "How shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation?" I feel like the same applies to the message(s) I heard Saturday. I cannot and will not neglect it. I am awake from my slumber and NOW I understand that God has given the church a reprieve. He wants us to awake from the slumber. By his grace we have a window of time to WAKE UP and turn things around in our local, state and federal government. I am praying about next steps. Please feel free to share these poorly written thoughts and words with all involved in the Content of Character series. Their work is deeply appreciated. Keep it up...you are on to something great." - D. Diaz

"This information needs to get out ... How could this get into urban schools? Maybe under Black History curriculum. Maybe a think tank should be formed to explore marketing and promotion. Bless you all for your efforts and bless God for Him for showing up in a powerful way." - J. Block

"Awesome day on Saturday! Very meaningful & I think healing for many. I completely support your getting the info out to as many people, individuals & churches +, across the country as possible." - S. Pitman

"Last week I had a great opportunity to share in the word of truth with leaders like Councilwoman Lori Zapf. God is good. Thanks for bringing insight to the blind. Salt and Light Council." - C. Farley

"Thank you so much for an amazing conference. I learned so much and it is clear that it took a lot of hands and great organization by ….the team to pull together such a wonderful day." - L. Paine

"Terrific program last Saturday Dran! Very impressive lineup and a powerful message. ...... You really are doing God’s work! Thank you for all the hard work, passion ... you put into this! More of this over time could change this country in a very positive way. Three thumbs up!" - J. Fontana


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