Institute for Black Solidarity With Israel


About Us

IBSI is dedicated to strengthening the relationship between Israel and the Jewish people, and people of African descent through education and advocacy; condemns the "Zionism is racism" ideology; defends Israel's right to live in peace with its Arab neighbors; and seeks to help cultivate a mutually beneficial Israel-Africa alliance.

Though the 1975 United Nations Resolution 3379 "Zionism is racism" was revoked in 1991, its effects are still felt today as the U.N. constantly condemns Israel while largely ignoring true humanitarian crises all over the Middle East and Africa. IBSI also exposes the hypocrisy of anti-Israel Arab Islamists (such as Hamas) who condone and benefit from the trafficking and sale of African slaves, while feigning solidarity with Black people. IBSI exists to tell the truth about Israel; a multiethnic, liberal democracy that is diverse by choice.