Zina Hackworth

Zina Hackworth

Zina Hackworth is first and foremost a Born Again Christian. She is a married, home-school mother of thirteen beautiful children, Adopted and Biological.

Zina and her husband are past recipients of the Congressional Angels in Adoption Award. They were recognized for opening their hearts and home to foreign and domestic "orphans". She strongly believes that every child that is available for adoption should be adopted by Biblical Christians and she encourages every Christian family to prayerfully consider adoption, even if they believe their family is complete.  

Zina has served on the board of several pro-family organizations in Missouri. These include The Boy Scouts of America, home-school groups, pro-life and anti-pornography organizations.

Zina is an active, passionate national Pro-Life advocate. She is a member of the Life Education And Resource Network L.E.A.R.N, the nation’s largest black Pro-Life organization and a member of The National Black Pro-Life Coalition.   She volunteers with Pro-Life organizations around the country. 

In 2006, Zina founded “This Race Will Self-Destruct”, a mother-daughter abstinence, pro-life workshop for black adolescent girls. In 2015, Zina founded “More Rebellious Members”, a Pro-Life outreach to black pastors.

In addition to being a passionate prolife advocate, Zina is also passionate about Freedom and The United States Constitution, particularly the 2nd Amendment. One of her favorite lines at the end of a 2nd Amendment presentation is: “I love my God, I love my family, I love my freedoms and I love my guns”.